Everybody consumes. It is a fact of life. What matters is HOW you consume.

As by consuming mainstream products, we destroy our eco-systems, we often force people to work for hardly a living wage in poor working conditions and we neglect animal welfare.

And for most mainstream products we do not even know that this is happening!

Luckily, almost 60% of the UK population is asking questions like

  • Which clothing is ‘child labor’ free?

  • Is my coffee, tea or chocolate produced by people earning a decent living wage?

  • Which shampoos are free from harmful chemical additives and micro-plastics?

  • Is the leather from my shoes free from animal suffering?

The issue is that in order to be able to answer these questions, you’ll need to do quite some research.

Researching takes a lot of time and asks quite some knowledge.

“I want to live in a more sustainable way. But I don’t have the time for continuously researching and finding my way.. “

Enter Klooker!


Klooker makes sustainable consumerism the New Normal.

Everybody consumes. It is a fact of life. What matters is THE WAY you consume. And we’ll help you.

By offering sustainable options.

  • Can you repair it? We’ll guide you to repair shops.

  • Why not go second hand? We’ll show them to you.

  • Try doing it yourself? We provide you with options to do so.

  • Really need something new? We give you easy access to all kinds of sustainable alternatives for mainstream products on our platform.

As an independent platform we do not work with sponsored content. At Klooker we guarantee honesty and objectivity on sustainability.

Brands we mention deserve their place purely through exceptional quality and genuine sustainability.

Klooker investigates which products are OK and which are not. What do we look for?

  • environmentally conscious production

  • living wages and humane working conditions

  • animal-friendly conditions

After we found these products, brands and tips and tricks, we help you step by step transform your daily practice. Each step counts!

In doing so, we do not encourage you to consume more. We do encourage you to consume and live in a more sustainable way.

How do we help?

1. Klooker Mailing

Every week we send a mailing concerning a specific topic. We explore how sustainable a specific product category is.

We introduce you to new, beautiful, sustainable products and brands that serve as alternatives for mainstream products.

We’ll update and inspire you on new sustainable products and brands!

Check out an example mailing on Sustainable Food here:

2. Product Catalogue

On our Sustainability Platform, we show you all kinds of brands and products in all product categories, that serve as sustainable alternatives for mainstream products.

Easy to find, fun to explore!

Below is a capture of our platform homepage:

Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 19.02.29.png

3. Introduction Discounts

In the catalogue, the challenges and the mailings you’ll find our discounts.

Brand logo's 2.png

We also see that - sometimes - sustainable products can be a little bit more expensive than their mainstream alternatives.

Although this pricing probably reflects the true price of that product (as it is produced in an environmental and animal friendly way, with living wages and good working conditions), it does often lack ‘scale of production’.

With these discounts, we’ll make it easier to go and try these cool sustainable products.

4. Klooker Challenges

A Klooker Challenge is a 5-day course designed to help you take steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle, based around a specific ‘theme’. Down to earth, directly applicable in daily life. Every step and every change, no matter how small, is a step in the right direction.

All Klooker challenges have the same setup. First, you make inventory of how sustainably and ethically you are living, and then you’ll get advice, tips and tricks - and where possible member discounts to make life more ethical ✌🏻.

You will get 1 mail every day for 5 days, that requires about 10-15 minutes to study and work on. That’s it. Hopefully by the end of each challenge you will have learned something new, made some positive changes, and had fun!

Theme’s are

  • sustain your bathroom

  • sustainable washing and cleaning

  • sustainable kitchen

  • reduce CO2 emissions in your household (coming soon)

  • make your wardrobe sustainable (coming soon)

These challenges are expanded continuously.

After a challenge, you’ll have changed your daily practices.



Our story

Dennis is the founder of Klooker.

‘I have worked for years in the world of energy and IT, after which I started for myself with an e-commerce startup.

That’s when I noticed I could change the way we live and consume, it gave me a lot more energy to focus on sustainable products and brands! And Trump was being elected, who wanted to turn back the time. That was the last push I needed.’

He changed the course of his startup to focus on those sustainable products and brands, making it easy and fun for members to find and explore better alternatives for the often destructive ‘mainstream products’.

Your pound can be source of good!

Slice 5.png

So, what did he do himself?

‘My jeans are from Mud Jeans. My toothbrushes are from bamboo. My coffee is from Moyee coffee, my toilet paper is recycled from 100%ECO, my sneakers are from Vega, my shower gel from Bulldog, my shampoo is from Lush, my deodorant from We Love The Planet and my electricity is from a local windmill. How cool is that?’

Dennis started in The Netherlands and is now operating with a small team in The Netherlands and the UK as well.

The Klooker team has a lot of expertise, but does not claim to know everything there is to know about sustainable living.

‘We are on a journey ourselves to explore what can be done. And which mainstream products are not OK. We still get surprised and inspired every day. We are very eager to share these experiences!’


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Klooker check whether products are really OK?

    We do mostly desk-research ourselves, where we utilise a lot of information already available on the Internet. Sometimes we also reach out to the brands, shops and certification organisations.

    We do not intend to re-do a lot of work already done by other organisations; we do however check if the claims of brands and shops are reliable. Rankabrand, Ethical consumer, MilieuCentraal and many other sources are used. After we have checked it, we will highlight it in our mailings, challenges and catalogue. This saves you a lot of time!

  • Can I trust Klooker?

    Now and then we get a question from members and potential members asking us whether we are legit. Yes, of course we are! We work with a lot of sustainable shops, already have a lot of members and you can reach us via a DM on Facebook or Instagram or by phone via +44 7520 636997.

    Klooker is located in Amsterdam, Chamber of commerce number is 62546252 and our VAT number is NL854860800B01.

  • Why does Klooker ask money for a membership? Why is it not free?

    At Klooker we believe in transparency, honesty and independence.

    A lot of sites and blogs on sustainability are not that transparent as they receive money when consumers get redirected to the sites and products that site or blog highlights. This would jeopardise the independence of our work. And we value independence, as this is the only way to be really critical and straightforward in the work we do.

    Also, we want to make an impact. This means we want to grow our community of members as fast as we can. This means we allocate a lot of time to the work we do. Thus our team works in office hours. Because we can’t do what we do from working in evenings and weekends alone. As such, we do need some income to live from.

    We could also ask for gifts, donations or ask for government institutions and charity to fund us. But that is not a viable business model. We have seen it around us and these organisations crumble slowly away.

    We deliver a service that makes sustainable living easy and fun. We firmly believe when something is of value, people don’t mind paying a small fee for it. If they don’t want to, the service is not good enough.

    That is why we ask a small membership fee of approx. £4 a month (in the yearly model).

  • How is my money spent?

    We use the membership fees for two purposes: 1. to grow (mainly campaigns to reach as many potential members as we can to make that impact) and 2. to cover the costs of staff and our platform (it does not yet cover all this, by the way ✌🏻, we’re still investing our own money).

    P.S. do you want to help Klooker grow? Become a member and tell your friends and family about us!

  • What is the difference between the subscription options?

    There is no other difference than the frequency period of your subscription. A subscription for a year is cheaper than a monthly subscription. Most members subscribe for the half a year period.

  • How do I cancel my subscription?
    You can always cancel your subscription by simply emailing us at cancel@klooker.co.uk.

  • I really do like Klooker, but I feel it is promoting to buy products, instead of buying less.

    At Klooker we think the best way forward is to buy only what you need.

    However, as human beings, we still need to eat, sleep, work and do all the other stuff we do. We do need products in our daily lives. But what would happen when these products are a source for good? When your pounds can serve as a source for good?

    We don’t want our members to spend more, we ideally want them to spend less and when they do want to spend their pounds, they only buy sustainable products.

  • Can I propose a product to be checked or refer to a sustainable product I like?

    Yes of course! Simply send a mail to support@klooker.co.uk and we’ll get back to you!

  • How come I never heard from Klooker before?

    Probably because we are a young startup. We started in The Netherlands in 2017 and went live in the UK recently. Until now we have kept a low profile, utilising the time to fine tune the way we can serve our members best.

  • How many members participate?

    We have a couple of thousand members in The Netherlands and are gearing up in the UK!

  • What does Klooker mean?

    Klooker is old-germanic, it means ‘wiser’.


At Klooker we guarantee honest and objective advice on sustainability. As an independent platform we do not work with sponsored content, paid for by brands and advertisers.

Brands we mention deserve their place purely through exceptional quality and genuine sustainability.

Klooker is a bit different. We do not do what others do. We value our independence. As this is the best safeguard to transform the way we live into a better one.

We are part of a movement. A rejection of the status quo typically marked by fast fashion, profit before people or planet, and disposable goods and labour-forces. We want to install sustainable living as the ‘new normal’.

Will you join and support us? Our most economic membership costs a special pint of beer a month!


Basic subscription


Most economic

approx. £4 a month,

= 50% discount


Why not try us?

In case you don't like Klooker (for whatever reason), you can easily cancel your subscription by sending a mail to cancel@klooker.co.uk.

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