We believe that everyone prefers to buy products produced in an ethical, sustainable way. 

Because no one consciously wants to misuse other people, let animals suffer or pollute our environment.

But actually, this is far from reality... We abuse and destroy our world using everyday products.

  • Why is it... that for almost every cup of tea or coffee a farmer in Africa has suffered or a young child is working instead of going to school?

  • Why are fashion shops like Primark such huge successes? How can we tolerate the sweatshops and the child abuse that's needed to produce our 'fashion' (and to be clear: it's the entire industry that's guilty)?

  • How did we ever end up here with the "intensive livestock farming"? When does 'farming' turn into 'animal abuse'?

  • Why is it that we are polluting our water and our soil in such a massive way with chemicals, pesticides, insecticides, microplastics, etc.?


Of course, you don't want to buy those unsustainable, bad products. But you simply do not know they actually ARE unsustainable.

Because big brands and corporate companies do not want you to be aware! All in order to realise the best profit margins on these products. They prefer to don't let you know

  1. where products actually come from,
  2. how they have been made and
  3. what they actually cost in terms of human and environmental impact. When for example a fair income is factored in the prices of products, prices would need to rise.

And when you dó know that the bulk of our products is produced in an unsustainable way, you still face two additional problems:

  • it is inconvenient, confusing and it takes a lot of time to research sustainable products. 

  • prices of 'unsustainable' products are often lower than prices of sustainable products.   


... And thus we keep our 'broken' economic model intact.


So how can we change this? How can we enable that sustainable products become mainstream?

That's the question that got us into starting Klooker.


Discover amazing, sustainable products that fit who you are.... and are produced with a heart for the world.


We at Klooker are on a mission. A mission to make ethical and sustainable products mainstream as soon as possible.

Because we no longer want to be silent supporters of this broken economic model that wreaks havoc on our world.


Our Solution:

Some of the sustainable shops with whom Klooker is partnering.

Some of the sustainable shops with whom Klooker is partnering.


We seek out brands and products that match our values, to save you time doing so.



We reach out to the brands & companies we love and arrange better prices for Klooker members. So you can more easily start trying them instead of the unsustainable variants. 



We email our discoveries and findings - along with their background stories - to you, so you know why you can be proud of these products. 


Best part: you get all of this conveniently in your inbox, 6-8x per month.


We do the heavy 'research' lifting for you

There is a lot of time and effort going in researching products. Information is fragmented. And there are a lot of standards and certificates out there, sometimes fake and sometimes contradicting each other. 

We make sure that every product we highlight is OK. Meaning:

  1. no environmental waste
  2. fair working conditions
  3. no animal suffering  

We actively scan and research for evidence that these criteria are met. We use a variety of sources.

We select the products we highlight based on certifications for specific categories, like GOTS and OEKO-TEX for clothing. Or UTZ, EKO and Rainforest Alliance for food and drinks. And so on.

But sometimes certifications are also an extra burden for local farmers. And small-scale, ethical, direct trade companies offer farmers more income and consumers fair prices. So we focus on them as well.

We also scan already existing reports from organisations like Ethical Consumer, Rank a Brand, government sites, etc. 


We are totally independent

Independent from producers, retailers, certification bureaus, partner organisations. We are not getting paid by them whatsoever. 

We don't get kickback fees for the products we highlight. We are not subsidised. This is our own time and money that's poured in. 

And we hope you appreciate our service. 


We focus on everyday products

We don't focus on 'fluffy' green, exotic projects and products. We focus on products you use in everyday life. 

We already covered coffee, tea, detergents, shoes, clothing, menstrual products, ink cartridges, vegetarian/vegan food, chocolate, cosmetics, cleaning products, whine, etc., etc.

Our list is growing with every week!


If we want to change things, we'll have to do it ourselves...


If you've read this site until this point, it's time for action for you as well. We both know what the problem is and what to do about it. 

We'll have to change things ourselves if we want any change at all: 

With Klooker, we are taking matters into our hands. You and me. Together. With the rest of the Klooker community, we make change happen every day.

To make the world greener and more beautiful, we have to start with small steps. 

And every small step counts.

And just like the butterfly... a small step can result into giant leaps forward.

Because every penny you spend makes a little difference... 



Bad news: I am about to tell you that Klooker costs money (oh shit!)...

And why this is a good thing...

Klooker wants to generate impact asap. Lowering prices on sustainable products will have a huge impact. It will increase the willingness of people to buy and try those products.

How can we lower prices? Normally, Klooker would get a fee from a retailer for bringing in new consumers. That's called an "affiliate fee", where we act as a salesman for those companies...

Klooker doesn't take fees from retailers. We ask retailers to use these fees to give a DISCOUNT to our members.

In this way, we help make sustainable products more affordable. And that generates more impact!

Klooker thus needs to find another way to generate income. 

To cover our cost, we're asking a small membership fee of less than a cup of coffee per month.

That is affordable for almost everyone.


We use the subscription fee to cover our expenses (product research, website, writing emails, customer support, etc.) and keep growing our community to generate a bigger impact✌🏻.

Isn't that a simple and beautiful idea?

I've put my money where my mouth is. How about you?

I've put my money where my mouth is. How about you?

Hey, I'm Dennis... 

'I worked in large energy companies for most of my life (!). Their business model in those years was always the same: more energy sold => more profit => more CO2 pollution. I didn't like the last part, but I didn't do anything with it. I was a silent supporter.

When I left and started my e-commerce startup, I got more aware about sustainability. My daughters asked tough questions as well. Explaining 'Made in Bangladesh' was the last drop in the bucket. On top of that Trump got elected with his anti-climate change and pro-coal message.

I got out of that schizophrenic situation where I knew I contributed to ruining our world, but I didn't act on it. So I changed direction for myself and my company. That's how Klooker came to be.' 


Together we create a better world. Read how other people rave about Klooker...



This is a wonderful idea, Dennis. I totally like this 'grass roots' initiative. The topics you're covering are great. 

I wouldn't call myself a 'front runner' in sustainability, but this is making it easy for me to contribute... 


I've already convinced my two sisters to join, too! What a simple solution Klooker is. I get to know all these amazing products which I would not have found myself in a lifetime. Perfect. 

I've purchased my first products (that you recommended) already and I love it! 
Hi there, thnx for your posts. They opened my eyes to our way of living. I wasn't aware of it. And keep the nice discounts coming!

Isn't that nice to hear? 

Since our low-profile start in November 2016, we've had THOUSANDS OF MEMBERS joining. 

And we gained more than 15.000 FACEBOOK FOLLOWERS

That feels good! Wouldn't it be nice if we together could make better choices for a better world?


Our subscriptions - come join us!


Basic subscription


Most economical



= £1.67 / month

45% discount

                   = £1.50 / month

                   50% cheaper!

Klooker is a bit rebellious. Because Klooker asks you a membership fee of (less than) a cup of coffee per month.

In return we 1. save you time researching sustainable products, 2. we arrange that retailers offer you attractive discounts on their sustainable products and 3. we inform you through short, interesting background stories why you can be proud of what you buy!

Still on the fence about joining?

See below for Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference of Klooker with organizations like Ethical Consumer?

A big difference is that Klooker enables her members to try sustainable products by ALWAYS negotiating a DISCOUNT on these products.  

In addition, Klooker brings information together from several organizations like Ethical Consumer, Rank a Brand etc. This saves you time researching.

Last but least, compared with Ethical Consumer we don't do boycots. We don't publish magazines. We do not consult companies. We focus our energy solely on researching and highlighting sustainable products and arranging discounts.

So our members can more easily buy sustainable products instead of the unsustainable variants.


Is there a difference between the three subscriptions?

No, they are all identical content wise. The only difference is the discount %. You can get more discount for subscriptions with longer time intervals.


How come I've never heard of Klooker before?

Well.... because we only just got started in the UK! We are already up and running in the Netherlands since our low-profile start in November 2016.

Probably you'll see us more often in the coming months!


How many other people are joining?

Since our start in The Netherlands, we signed up thousands of members and gained more than 15.000 Facebook followers. In the UK we just started out, and we already have our first group of British members!

As a result, our impact & leverage grows exponentially, which is a good thing for all of us (and for the world)!


What does Klooker mean? 

The name 'Klooker' can be traced back to the old Germanic 'klook', which means 'wise' or 'smart'. In short, a name covering our basics! 


Can I trust Klooker? 

Once in a while, we get an email asking us whether Klooker is 'legit'. It is an understandable question, as Klooker just opened shop.  

Klooker is a reliable 'normal' company. We have already partnered with many leading sustainable shops in The Netherlands and a few in the UK. The more, the merrier!

You can always reach us via +44 7520 636997 or a direct message on Facebook in Klooker UK.

Klooker is registered and based in Enschede, The Netherlands, with the chamber of commerce number 62546252.


Why is Klooker not for free? 

Good question!

Klooker wants to make honest and sustainable products mainstream asap. Getting retailers to lower their pricing will contribute a lot. Everyone likes lower prices (especially the Dutch, but maybe you too!).

The best way to do so is to avoid commission fees from retailers, and instead to ask them to apply those fees for discounts for Klooker members. So prices can often be substantially lowered.

If we didn't charge you, we would need to get paid by the retailer. But then we would weaken the incentive for our members to start trying a sustainable product.

And we lose impact.

That said: prices are reasonable. A cup of coffee per month. We feel that this should be affordable for almost all consumers. Very transparent, very fair. 

How is my subscription fee going to be used?

We are a social enterprise. We use the fees in two ways: 1. to cover our expenses (which it doesn't yet fully do, by the way 😉) and 2. to grow the Klooker community. 

The faster we grow, the more of an impact we generate. That's the ultimate goal of Klooker. 

(Btw... do you want to help Klooker grow? Then share us on Facebook, via email or talk about us with your friends, family and colleagues. That will contribute a lot!)

Who is the founder of Klooker?

Hi, I am Dennis Kamst. I am the owner and founder of Klooker. I am a father, entrepreneur, IT director, poet and a lover of life! Nice to see you here!

I am supported by a small team to help Klooker grow.


Can I easily cancel my subscription? 

Yes, you can (but we'll miss you 😩)...

When you send a mail to cancel@klooker.co.uk, your subscription stops immediately.

That's all it takes.


Can I first try Klooker before subscribing?

We don't offer a 'free trial' right now (because it's a bit complicated for a small company like Klooker)

What you could do... is subscribe AND send Klooker an email on cancel@klooker.co.uk stating that you want to stop the subscription. Then after the period you paid for, your subscription ends, and you can decide whether to get a new one or not.


Can I recommend a product myself? 

Yes, you can!

We are working hard to create a Klooker community, so that you can contact other Klooker members and exchange ideas, tips, etc. But also to recommend products. When you have become a member, you can join the Klooker UK Community.

You can also send us an email to info@klooker.co.uk with your tips and ideas. That also helps!

I like Klooker, but I cannot afford it. What to do now? 

We offer Klooker for a price we believe is affordable for almost all. Right now, that's the best we can do. 

What you could do... is skip one cup of coffee per month! That would already be enough.


How can I contribute to Klooker?

Do you like Klooker and do you want to help us? The easiest way is to become a member and invite your friends, family or colleagues to join as well. It helps us in several ways: 

  • You are making the Klooker community grow. We gain strength, so we jointly get more impact. 
  • You'll help us cover our costs. Without that, we will fade away...
  • In the end, your buying behaviour makes the difference!  The more "good" products you buy..., the more you help the world.  

See why members like Klooker

Pieter Moorman rounded.png
I do want to live more sustainable, but I don’t want to spend all that time investigating stuff. Klooker helps me out. And I didn’t know how many sustainable products you can already get! I’m looking forward to their next mailings.
— Liz
I like the emails. And the discount coupons are great. This is a nice way to get to know new products and brands!
— Kimberley
I am a vegetarian for more than 15 years, and I live quite sustainable already. But I am always looking for ways to make my life more hassle free. And Klooker helps me out!
— Peter