These are the ugly questions nobody likes to ask themselves...

  • Why is it... that for almost every cup of tea or coffee a farmer in Africa has suffered or a young child is working instead of going to school?

  • Why are fashion shops like Primark such huge successes? How can we tolerate the sweatshops and the child abuse that's needed to produce our 'fashion' (and to be clear: it's the entire industry that's guilty)?

  • How did we ever end up here with the "intensive livestock farming"? When does 'farming' turn into 'animal abuse'?

  • Why is it that we are polluting our water and our soil in such a massive way with chemicals, pesticides, insecticides, microplastics, etc.?

Now, let’s not fool ourselves, and be honest here for a second…  


Those things are the most disgusting parts of our 21st century “capitalist society”...

Our “coping mechanism” is just to pretend they don’t exist…

But they do.
We’re like an ostrich with our head in the sand.
And it’s a crying shame.

  • Sweatshops employing 8-year-olds to produce our 'expensive' clothes…  is not oké.

  • The way 'intensive livestock farming' has turned animal abuse into some sort of mainstream industry…   is not oké.

  • Children that aren’t going to school because they need to help harvest our cocoa beans…  is not oké.

  • Big corporate conglomerates flushing thousands of tonnes of toxic chemicals into the oceans… is not oké.

  • Coal-powered electricity when much better options are available… is not oké.

 Welcome in the 21st century... 

Welcome in the 21st century... 



How do YOU feel about those things?
Good? Bad? Necessary evil?

I used to say “necessary evil” because it’s the easy way out. But I don’t want to settle for “necessary evil” anymore, because in all truth…

    Those things are NOT necessary.

We choose to have these problems.
We choose to say “it’s ok…”      

…as long as I don’t have to see it…

…as long as it happens in Bangladesh…

…as long as it’s our children’s problem, not ours…

And there we have it.
That’s the REAL problem:


We are the ones that let this happen

We are even —indirectly— supporting it.
Here’s when we support those problems…

  • Every time we turn a “blind eye”, something happens we’re not very proud of

  • Every time we make purchase, it’s a silent vote for “this is still acceptable”

  • Every time we buy a piece of clothing, without knowing how it’s produced

  • Every time we buy that pack of “volume discounted” chicken tights

  • For every coal or nuclear reactor that’s still running

Every time we buy products we’re not sure of where they originate from, we might as well assume they’re from a place the producer doesn’t want us to know about.

We’re left in the dark.


Not that long ago, I was very involved in some of those industries… and not in a good way

I’ll tell you why that matters in a second.

I’ll tell you how I was — not that long ago — an active proponent of some of those things (because I worked as a manager in one of those industries where Profit is the only God we prayed for)

But for now…

It’s good to know I’m not some saint or anything like that.
I’m just a very “normal” guy, in all kinds of ways.

I’m not your crazy biologist-turned-activist uncle or hiding in bushes with my tinfoil hat to find the newest conspiracy theory.

I’m a father, a husband and an all-around “normal guy”...


I also just tried to do the best for my family, but it would turn out that exactly that would lead to my breakdown….

An encounter with my 8-yr-old daughter would change everything.

She’s at the age where she just started reading.
She wants to read everything she can get her hands on. It’s all equally exciting.

She came up to me in her pink new summer dress and asked…

    “Daddy, what is Bangladesh?”

Bangladesh was a word she’d never heard of before.
Of course, she didn’t even know how to pronounce it.

It was stitched inside her dress…  “Made in Bangladesh”

As a father, that puts you in a horrible situation…


That moment — with my daughter on my lap at the kitchen table — I realised something crucial, that would bring massive change…


I don’t want to support those practices anymore

  • How can I explain to my daughter that her dress is made in an impoverished country on the other side of the world… by a girl of her own age?

  • How can I explain that actually many of the toys she’s playing with are produced in Chinese factories, under similarly extreme environments?

  • How can I explain that the food she loves in her McDonalds “Happy Meal”, is the most gruesome stuff you can imagine, and anything but a happy meal…?

And the more you think about it, the more you realise how much of a grip those big corporates have on our lives.

How much they try to influence our personal moral values… all so we’ll let them pass with another profit-optimising product... at the cost of our environment, our animals, or our fellow human beings.


I realised something was really wrong, and I’d let this happen for way too long now…


My 'Values' were out of line with my 'Actions'

I don’t support any of those practices. I don’t want child labour to still exist in our time and age.

But it wasn’t until that dreadful “Made in Bangladesh” situation that I realised just how much we’re supporting those practices.

We’re the consumers.
We’re the buyers.
We’re the end-point of that production chain.



But we feel powerless.

We idolise guys like Elon Musk or some charities because they take a stance and change things… but we forget that we can make some change ourselves, too.


We forget just how much power we have… if we’d just choose to use it

We can change things.
We can say “this is no longer oké for me.”

We can buy other products.
We can take a stance on things.

… but often we don’t because it’s just too much of a hassle.

Because the truth is…


It’s a lot of work to figure out which chocolate you should buy, or which fashion brands are acceptable (answer: not many), or which banks are actually doing any good in the world with your money.

Those things are not easy to find.

It’s hard to compare which products are better or worse.
It’s practically a full-time job to figure out what you should buy, and what you shouldn’t.

So that’s where we are today.
The corporates have won.

We’ve given up.


    But it didn’t sit well with me.

And that’s why we’re here.
Because we can change things…


I started a service to make that transition easy

A service that takes all the legwork out of the research process… so it’s easy to tell which products are good, and which ones you better not buy.

A service that educates you on easy and simple steps that you can take, to make a positive impact on the world.

A service that answers basic questions a “conscious consumer” could ask, such as…

  • How does my bank invest my money? (solar panel, or rather a new weapons factory?)

  • Which chocolate is produced in a fair and sustainable way?

  • Where can I buy clothing that is both stylish, but also good for the people that produce it and the environment?

  • Does it matter which products I use when I do the laundry (yes it does!), and which ones are the better ones to buy?

And many more of such questions, that could easily influence how you spend your money, your time, and your attention.

We’re building a service to regain control over what you’re buying…

So you can buy products that are aligned with your values



It helps you make better informed decisions about how to be a "conscious consumer"

     We investigate.
You'd spend a full-time career finding out which products you should actually buy. But not anymore...  because now we put in the leg work to find out which brands are good, and which are not (so you can just enjoy life).

We look at all the important criteria:

  • Low environmental impact

  • No animal abuse

  • Good conditions for farmers / producers

  • A stylish product

  • At a reasonable price

    We negotiate discounts.
So the products that we recommend aren’t much more expensive than their ‘bad’ counterparts…. Because we know price is often a reason to pick the bad products

    We share it all with you.
Primarily via email, so you’ll get our newest discoveries and findings in an easy-to-apply and simple format.


We simply started this project to try and make the world a little better, happier, brighter...

We believe…

... in a bottom-up approach to fixing big global issues.
... that if we set a good example, others will follow.
... that small changes we make… will lead to bigger impacts down the road.

And we do that by making it as easy as possible for people to be well-informed, and buy the right kind of products.

We were a little fed up with the "big words" of politicians, entrepreneurs and big NGOs (and maybe you have felt the same).

...So we chose a “practical” solution that we could create ourselves.
Because small steps can go a long way.


Our little project (we call it "Klooker") has taken off like a rocket…

Since our low-profile start in November 2016, we've had thousands of members joining…

And we gained more than 15.000 Facebook followers…

We’ve already been on national radio and been nominated for various prices for the best sustainable businesses / initiatives.

But most importantly… we have a wide group of people now that appreciate our research, recommendations and discounts…

… and use it to live a more sustainable and happier life.


I’m wondering… are you a change-maker, too?

Because rather than a superhero that only exists in comics and fairy tales… we actually need thousands of small (but real) super men and super women.

We need people that stand up and say to corporate brands “this stuff is not oké”

And more importantly than that… we need people that are willing to make small changes in their lives if it helps make this world a better place.

We need people that are willing to take responsibility… but without all the activism.

Here at Klooker we very much believe in a practical way of approaching this problem.

Politicians aren’t going to help us…
Big corporates aren’t going to help us…
There is nobody to blame for anything…

Klooker chooses the path of silently making changes in our consumption patterns, rather than the “on-the-fences” style of activism.

Because we like being responsible ourselves.
And because we believe that’s the fastest way to get results.

  • You don’t have to be a hardcore vegetarian to appreciate Klooker (although eating less meat would definitely help).

  • We don’t believe in “boycotts”. We believe in stopping to buy bad products, and changing to better ones.

  • We don’t believe in politics. We believe in single individuals making changes.

Hence our motto: “Small Steps Go A Long Way”

Right now we have thousands of supporters… and that brings some real effects in the world (and we’ve only really just begun)


Because I want to invite you to join Klooker, today…

Klooker makes it easy for you to purchase the products you’re proud of: cool new startups, corporates that are doing a good job, and hip new concepts you’ve never even heard of before.

But all the products we promote are trying to make the world a little bit better.
They’re all working to make change happen.

Klooker comes in 3 packages, which I’ll show you below.

But before I tell you about the packages, there’s one important thing you should know…



Klooker is cheap, but it's not Free…  and I’ll tell you why that’s good for you

We believe in transparency when we do business. Because it’s our job to recommend products to you, it doesn’t feel right if we’d silently make a commission fee for every product that’s sold.

That’s what normal marketers would do, but it makes you biased. So we decided we’d charge all our members a small monthly fee, to cover our costs.

For less that a cup of coffee you get:

  • Unbiased opinions from a team of experts

  • Someone who takes care of all the tedious research, and does the legwork when it comes to checking sources, supply chains, and labels.

  • Continuous recommendations on how to make the right choices in your life that will lead to a better, brighter world

  • Discounts on the products you buy…. (since we don’t take a commission fee, we can pass the sales commission on to you, in the shape of a discount)

Now the question is…

>>> Do you like this idea?



Do others think it’s a good idea?

It seems so.

So far, we’ve had thousands of people join our paid subscription because they want to help change the world, little by little.

Here’s what some of them said…


Michael said…

    Hi there, thnx for your posts. They opened my eyes to our way of living. I wasn't aware of it. And keep the nice discounts coming!


Joanna said…

    I've already convinced my two sisters to join, too! What a simple solution Klooker is. I get to know all these amazing products which I would not have found myself in a lifetime. Perfect.


Anna said…

     I've purchased my first products (that you recommended) already and I love it!


Thank you

I didn’t really get around to introducing myself properly. My name is Dennis, and I’m the founder of Klooker.

I would love to write here that I was an outspoken proponent of “doing good” from an early age, but unfortunately that’s not the case.

I slowly converted over the last year or so.
And then I started Klooker (and I’m loving it).

I want to thank you for listening to my… but the most important step is still ahead:

    I want you to join me, so we can make an impact together…


Let’s do this…

Click on the buttons below to join Klooker.

To sum things up real quick (in case you skipped straight here)...

  • We believe small steps make big difference

  • If we’d all buy better products, the world would be a better place

  • But the hardest part is finding out which products to buy… so we’re taking all the legwork out of that

  • We charge a small fee for doing that because it keeps us independent (and allows us to grow much faster than a charity)

  • So far over 2,500 people have joined us, so you’re not the first one…


Refund policy

In case you don't like Klooker (for whatever reason), you can easily cancel your subscription, or even get a money-back refund (just send us an email).


Still on the fence about joining?

Below are some questions many people have...


Klooker vs. Ethical Consumer. What's the difference?

We're both pushing for a better world. Ethical Consumer often chooses the "activist" kind of approach (boycotts, etc.), and has many different offerings: a magazine, a blog, website, etc.

Klooker does only one thing: help you make small changes everyone can make in their own consumption choices. We also negotiate discounts with suppliers to encourage you to try new products.

Pricing: what is the difference between the three Klooker subscriptions?

They are all identical content wise. The only difference is the discount %. You can get more discount for subscriptions with longer time intervals.

You scratch our back, we scratch yours.


Using less products is better for all of us, why should I then use Klooker?

We agree. Nobody should buy and use products they don't need. But not buying or using anything is not realistic. That's why we enable our members to gradually replace the 'regular' products they still use by ethical and sustainable ones.


How come I've never heard of Klooker before?

Well.... because we only just got started in the UK! We are already up and running in the Netherlands since our low-profile start in November 2016.

Probably you'll see us more often in the coming months!


How many other people are joining?

Since our start in The Netherlands, we signed up thousands of members and gained more than 15.000 Facebook followers. In the UK we just started out, and we already have our first group of British members!

As a result, our impact & leverage grows exponentially, the more people that make changes to their lives... the better it is!


What does Klooker mean? 

The name 'Klooker' traces back to the old Germanic 'klook', which means 'wise' or 'smart'. In short, a name covering our basics! 


Can I trust Klooker? 

Once in a while, we get an email asking us whether Klooker is 'legit'. It is an understandable question, as Klooker just opened shop.  

Klooker is a reliable 'normal' company. We have already partnered with many leading sustainable shops.

You can always reach us via +44 7520 636997 or a direct message on Facebook. We're here to help you, after all.

Klooker is registered and based in Enschede, The Netherlands, with the chamber of commerce number 62546252.


Why is Klooker not for free? 

Because we want to be independent and enable you to profit from introduction discounts by retailers.

There are really only 2 options: I) you pay us, or II) companies pay us to promote them.

If we get paid by companies, we can't really be independent (because we depend on them). And we cannot ask them to offer our members a discount. Because they already use it to pay us.

We'd compromise our product. That's why we don't do it. That's why we ask our members to support us.

And Klooker costs only a cup of coffee per month. This is affordable for almost all consumers. We feel that it's transparent and fair. 

How is my subscription fee going to be used?

We are a social enterprise. We use the fees in two ways: 1. to cover our expenses (which it doesn't yet fully do, by the way 😉) and 2. to grow the Klooker community. 

Faster growth = More impact.
That's the ultimate goal of Klooker. 

(Btw... if you want to help Klooker grow, then share us on Facebook, via email or talk about us with your friends, family and colleagues. That will contribute a lot!)

Who is the founder of Klooker?

Hi, I am Dennis Kamst. I am the owner and founder of Klooker. I am a father, entrepreneur, IT director, poet and a lover of life!
I am supported by a small team to help Klooker grow.


Can I easily cancel my subscription? 

Yes, you can (but we'll miss you 😩)...  When you send a mail to, your subscription stops immediately.

That's all it takes.


Can I first try Klooker before subscribing?

We don't offer a 'free trial' right now (it's a bit complicated for a small company like Klooker)

What you could do... is subscribe AND send Klooker an email on stating that you want to stop the subscription. Then after the period you paid for, your subscription ends, and you can decide whether to get a new one or not.


Can I recommend a product myself? 

Yes, you can!

We are working hard to create a Klooker community, so that you can contact other Klooker members and exchange ideas, tips, etc. But also to recommend products. When you have become a member, you can join the Klooker UK Community.

You can also send us an email to with your tips and ideas. That also helps!

I like Klooker, but I cannot afford it. What to do now? 

We offer Klooker for a price we believe is affordable for almost all. Right now, that's the best we can do. 

What you could do... is skip one cup of coffee per month! That would already be enough.


How can I contribute to Klooker?

Do you like Klooker and do you want to help us? The easiest way is to become a member and invite your friends, family or colleagues to join as well. It helps us in several ways: 

  • You are making the Klooker community grow. We gain strength, so we jointly get more impact. 
  • You'll help us cover our costs. Without that, we will fade away...
  • In the end, your buying behaviour makes the difference!  The more "good" products you buy..., the more you help the world.  

See why members like Klooker

Pieter Moorman rounded.png
I do want to live more sustainable, but I don’t want to spend all that time investigating stuff. Klooker helps me out. And I didn’t know how many sustainable products you can already get! I’m looking forward to their next mailings.
— Liz
I like the emails. And the discount coupons are great. This is a nice way to get to know new products and brands!
— Kimberley
I am a vegetarian for more than 15 years, and I live quite sustainable already. But I am always looking for ways to make my life more hassle free. And Klooker helps me out!
— Peter

Let’s do this…

Click on the buttons below to join Klooker.

To sum things up real quick (in case you skipped straight here)...

  • We believe small steps make big difference

  • If we’d all buy better products, the world would be a better place

  • But the hardest part is finding out which products to buy… so we’re taking all the legwork out of that

  • We charge a small fee for doing that because it keeps us independent (and allows us to grow much faster than a charity) and we can ask retailers to offer you discounts.

  • So far over 2,500 people have joined us, so you’re not the first one…




So why not join us? 


Still having questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact us via