Klooker is here to support you in your quest to replace 'regular' products by ethical, sustainable ones.

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The skin we're in

During the day, our skin is constantly exposed to harmful influences. UV radiation, weather conditions or toxins in the air.

The skin gets damaged and this can, for example, result in dryness, wrinkles or imperfections.

Your skin works hard to keep you healthy, and you can return the favour by taking care of it. Our skin is quite the wonder that goes beyond just being our packaging.

It’s waterproof, yet able to let moisture and water soluble substances through from the outside in and the other way around.

She protects us from dehydration and is important for our temperature control. Thanks to her we’re protected from burning or freezing.

Impressive right? And pretty complex as well.

No wonder we’re sometimes overwhelmed by all the promises made by companies who want to help taking care of our skin.

It can be quite difficult to make the right choices, when the regulations are often unclear and we’d love to be able to trust in the safety and efficacy of products.

The harmful ingredients in cosmetics aren’t just a personal issue, because every product we use on our skin will eventually end up in soil and waterways.


When it comes to sustainable options there are a few things that are different when you opt for organic, natural products instead of 'regular' products:

  • Free from chemicals, like parabens. There have been no successful studies to show that repeated and prolonged use of paraben is safe.
  • PALM OIL is barely used or comes from a sustainable source
  • These companies share details about their ingredient selection and manufacturing processes. 
  • The impact of their packaging is something these companies take into account
  • No animal testing

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Not sure where to find these products or just need help making a selection? A Big Green Smile is here to the rescue.


Introducing Big Green Smile

Back in 2006 BigGreenSmile founders Alasdair, Ben and Nick got together and decided to encourage water saving in the home by selling water saving devices.

Customers loved them, so in 2007 they took a deep breath, gave up their day jobs and committed to the business full-time. But the public wanted more..

So they expanded in a whole range of other products.

In 2012 they decided to expand again and BigGreenSmile France, Germany and the Netherlands joined the family.


And here they are in 2017! Offering effective, natural, ecofriendly alternatives for skin- and hairproducts for the entire family.

Aside from personal care they also offer a wide range of ecological cleaning products.

No animal testing, no phthalates, no parabens, no petroleum, mineral- or palm oil.

The products that do contain palm oil are checked for their ethical and sustainable source. To give you peace of mind, every product on their site includes a full ingredients list that comes direct from the supplier.

And as if this wasn’t enough already, even their delivery process is all thought out.

Recycled boxes with biodegradable, loose-fill packaging pellets and packaging is kept to a minimum. We’re convinced!

In short, a company you can be proud of!



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