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The Dark Side of Chocolate

Ingredients: Cocoa, sugar, milk, vegetable fats (palm).

May contain traces of: child labour, deforestation, environmental destruction.

When we think of chocolate, we may envision a box bought by a beloved on valentines, or eating a favourite bar as a child.

The reality is, however, that the deeper you delve into the cocoa industry, things are in fact not so sweet. For the most part, the chocolates we consume from the common household brand names that are loved, enjoyed and shared across the nation have the same disturbing, bitter truths in common.

There are methods, ingredients and dirty secrets that won't be found on the ingredients list or nutritional information chart of any bar...

The main ingredient in the chocolate produced by some of the world's largest brands is cacao (commonly known as cocoa), alongside palm oil; each of which present a twisted and tangled web of deceit and destruction.

Palm oil gives chocolate its elegant, smooth texture. However, the methods used to source most of this palm oil are neither smooth nor elegant.

To create palm oil plantations, ruthless paths of deforestation and destruction are carved into the natural rainforests of Indonesia, destroying or uprooting people and animals that once called it home.


Similarly, cocoa is grown, sometimes even illegally, on large plantations across West African countries that are often linked with deforestation.

This already corrupted cocoa is then sold to some of the largest players in the chocolate game. But this game isn't fun for everyone, and is definitely not being played by the rules.

The journey the cocoa takes from crop to our supermarket shelves is a treacherous one. It is a painstakingly long and slow process.

There is exposure to extreme temperatures and hazardous chemicals, and requires hours of manual labour during harvesting with access to only the most primitive yet dangerous tools.

Despite these dangers, people, including children, are forced to work along this deadly chain of production.


These problems are exacerbated by the crippling prices paid to farmers by the confectionery multinationals held in such high regard by consumers across the country.  

Worldwide retail sales of chocolate are in excess of $100 billion, yet the proportion reaching farmers and workers is miniscule.

In fact, most workers will never even be able to afford to experience the indulgence of the end chocolate product that we know and enjoy.

So when you next buy a bar for a child or a box for a beloved, consider purchasing from a responsible, fair and ethical company - such as Seed and Bean, Divine Chocolate, Green & Black’sThe Raw Chocolate Company, Booja Booja Cocoa Loco or Montezuma's Chocolate - because chocolate should be sweet for everyone.

We highlight as an example here The Raw Chocolate Company, as they have a good story to tell. and their founder, Linus, has a nice crazy touch of how to get things done 😉👍🏻!


It all began with a few innocent experiments in the kitchen.

Having discovered the potential breadth of the raw food diet, Linus, the founder and guiding chocolate jedi-master, decided to explore just what was possible with raw cocoa.

The response was overwhelming - the chocolate wasn't just quite tasty, it was delicious, and people went wild for it.

The founder Linus

The founder Linus

Linus thought he might well be on to something.

That was when the serious experiments started: early starts, late finishes... Linus evolved into something of a mad scientist.

But when he emerged from his chocolate laboratory he had the recipe for his chocolates, and a shining glint in his eye.

That shining glint was what quickly became the Raw Chocolate Company.

Founded in 2006, the Raw Chocolate Company now has numerous awards and is available across Europe and beyond!

Accreditations include Fairtrade, The Soil Association, Vegan Society, Vegetarian Society and Kosher

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