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Slow fashion? But these kids grow so fast!

If we look at the last 50 years, things have drastically changed when it comes to clothing. They were predominantly locally produced, fixed when broken and there was certainly no need for walk-in closets.

Now? We can buy clothes every day, no need to even leave your house. Birthday party this weekend? Let’s get a new outfit, but we don’t want to spend too much because we’ll only be wearing it one or two times.

Advertisements are everywhere and screaming that we need new and better clothes. We used to have two seasons: you bought for either hot or cold weather.

Now there seems to be a new trend every day. As an adult, we learn to weigh our options and see if we really need something, but as a kid: you want it ALL.

This makes sense because you don’t want to feel different or feel like you are walking around in old rags. What if the other children see you wearing the same outfit more than once a week? But that shouldn’t be on the minds of our kids! 

True, totally true and this is the effect of the current fashion industry in a nutshell.

The only way to meet these “demands” is the use of cheap, easy to produce materials and cheap, hard-working employees. The True Cost can show you more about this subject.

 But we, consumers, are here to the rescue!

wear no evil.jpeg

We can make a difference by making conscious choices about what we really need and what products we buy.

Because in the end, it all comes down to supply and demand.

And the bigger the demand for ethical clothing, the bigger supply will become.

Need a little help minimizing your closet? Take a look at Project 333 and challenge yourself!

Or take the ‘Wear no evil’-pledge.

Take your children with you on your ethical journey, explain to them why you’re doing what you’re doing, provide them with information suitable for their age and set an example.

After all, they are our future generation!

Emma and Sophie from Moon Child are here to help you and your child on this journey!


With their little ones on its way, they were surprised about the lack of Organic and Fairtrade cool clothes for little ones. 

To them, Organic & Ethically Produced clothing is one of the key ingredients to ensure that our very own Planet Earth, becomes a sustainable world to live in. Their products are made in England and USA, sweatshop-free with the use of organic, fair trade, Indian cotton.

We totally like them!


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