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Clean home, clean conscience

For one a delightful job and for another something to avoid preferably: cleaning. It’s inevitable, but did you know you’ve got a choice when it comes to what you’re cleaning with?

In the UK 16 million litres of detergent is flushed down our drains every week! Annually this sums up to more than 800 million litres and we’re not even mentioning the impact of packaging yet. 


We’ve got a little chemistry lab in our kitchen sink cabinets.


Usually, a lot of synthetic liquids are used in regular cleaning products. When it comes to both packaging and what it contains, detergent companies are not taking the environment into account.

Fortunately there’s also an expanding group of reliable companies that want to show that it can be done differently.

Some old leaders in the field, others young and ready to take on the challenge. The following brands are all available in the UK and can be found either online or on the shelves.

  • Attitude : Minimum of 95% biodegradable, vegan, CO2 neutral and received an official eco-certificate.

  • Better life : Plant based, organic, cruelty free, environmental friendly detergents developed by two dads.

  • Dr Bronner’s : Fair trade, organic, vegan, cruelty free, natural, biodegradable products in fully recycled bottles.

  • Ecodoo : French company, plant based, sustainable, concentrated products in recyclable packaging.

  • Ecover : Plant based, cruelty free, biodegradable, sustainable, effective products in environment friendly packaging.

  • Ecozone : UK based, plant based, cruelty free, no use of palm oil, hypoallergenic, biodegradable, in reusable and recyclable packaging.

  • Method : American, cruelty free, biodegradable in recycled packaging. Cradle to Cradle® and LEED-Platinum certified.

  • Seepje : Dutch company with natural laundry- and cleaning products. They use the Sapindus Mukorossi from Nepal.

  • Sonett : All materials are biodegradable and used distilled oils are organic. Sonett’s philosophy is based on our responsability for water as the source of all life.


Want to take the matter into your own hands? Our beautiful world wide web is filled with recipes to make your own products for dish washing, cleaning the toilet or laundry for example.

Take your pick! Re-use glass jars, decorate them with handwritten lables and you would almost think of starting your own brand. Will you let us know if you do?

Today we would like to highlight Marcel’s Green Soap!


Introducing Marcel's Green Soap

Marcel is trying to distinguish himself from others eco-brands, by making eco friendly cleaning more cheerful and approachable.

His cleaning products are a 100% natural and 99% biodegradable (the remaining 1% are the used salts).

His products are cruelty free and they are famous because they smell fantastic due to the use of organic distilled oils.

All purpose cleaner, handsoap, laundry detergent, dish washing soaps- and bars.

Marcel uses palm- and coconut oils from Roundtable on Sustainable Oil (RSPO) certified, sustainable vendors.

And to finish it off: Marcel’s Green Soap is the first (Dutch) brand using 100% recycled plastic: bottles from 100% recycled HDPE.


In short, a company you can be proud of!



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