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The huge impact of shoes

Shoes. We wear them all the time. And they can make a great entry. 

Every year there are over 23 billions shoes produced worldwide, most of them in Asia.

In earlier days (1950), shoes lasted for more than 1 year. Nowadays, we use 2.6 pair of shoes every year.

And what happens worldwide when shoes are worn-out?

They end up on landfills. 

Not a pretty view.

Not a pretty view.

Shoes take on average 50 years to decompose.

And during that process a lot of chemicals are being released.

Because shoes simply require a lot of chemicals to produce.

An example for the worst is Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, often used in sport shoes.

It decomposes in about 1000 years. 

Who thinks shoes have only an impact when they are worn-out is wrong. 

Producing one pair of shoes emits about 30 kilograms of CO2.

Not used parts of materials to produce shoes.

Not used parts of materials to produce shoes.

And there is a lot of material not being used when cutting the leather and other materials, causing a lot of additional waste. 

The idea that leather is a waste product of the meat industry is also a myth. 

Cows are specifically being bred for the shoe industry. 

Step by step consumers are becoming aware of the environmental impact of shoes.

And that something needs to change.

Eco Vegan Shoes can help out. 


Eco Vegan Shoes

Phil Loyley from the UK has started Eco Vegan Shoes. Nowadays a small committed team ensures that the company keeps on growing. 

They produce and sell sexy pumps, summerly wedge sandals, cool sneakers and classy men's shoes.

All vegan.

Proven by several vegan certification marks and awards like Animal Free, The Vegan Society, Vegan Friendly and Peta Approved Vegan.

The shoes are all made of unique Schoeller microfibers. And also from cotton and other materials.

This is all Oeko-Tex standard 100 certified material. And it also complies with the 'blue sign standard'.

These are the strictest standards in the industry that assure the absence of harmful substances and the biggest 'resource efficiency'. Which can be seen in the absolute minimum usage of water.

And there are a lot more useful sustainable technologies that are used in their footwear.

Their shoes are being produced in Portugal and Indonesia. The factory in Portugal maintains the European Union labour standards.

The employees of the Indonesian factory work in safe conditions and they are paid well enough to feed and support their families.

Most of them have been working there for over 20 years. They are professionals.

Everyone of them is allowed to follow their religion. The factory even has a mosque inside.

The highest ethics, comfort and style, combined in a shoe.

A shoe to be proud of!


The introduction discount

Eco Vegan Shoes and Klooker share the same ideals. That is why they give Klooker members a discount of more than 15%, when the coupon code [code no longer valid] is used at their checkout. 

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