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Peace and Goodwill to all men (and animals)

The time of year has come, the time of year where we embrace family and friends and indulge ourselves in fine food and drink before the “new year-new me” mindset kicks in and we all join the gym.

Supermarket shelves are stacked with Christmas cheeses and chocolates, mince pies and puddings, and households across the UK are predicted to fork out a record £4.2 billion on food and drink alone over the festive period this year.

However this creates a surge in demand for products, particularly chocolate and meat. We’ve spoken about chocolate before and have seen the damage unethical and unsustainable practices cause, so this article will focus more on where to buy ethical products.

The cosmetic, fragrance, clothing and dairy industries are still heavily littered with unfair, unethical and untrustworthy ways! So why not try and have a cruelty-free-Christmas this year?

By doing this you could help save for example one of the 10 million turkeys that will be killed this Christmas. More than a third of turkeys that are slaughtered for their meat are done so at this joyous time of year.

Most of the birds that people will be consuming around lunchtime on the 25th of this month will have been reared in windowless sheds with up to 25,000 birds per unit.

Where (not) to shop

It has become a common theme that large companies prioritise profit over people and other living beings on this planet, but each and every one of us can help to shift this twisted injustice; this Christmas, shop with ethics and sustainability in mind.

Now, you might wonder where you can go shopping with sustainability on your mind and where profit is not prioritised over the way e.g. animals are treated.

Ethical Consumer has ranked supermarkets on ethical criteria.

And the outcome is staggering.

Source: Ethical Consumer 2017

Source: Ethical Consumer 2017

Out of a maximum score of 20 points, the best scoring supermarkets are Co-op markets and Marks & Spencer supermarkets with 5 points.

Reality kicks in. Our daily practices are still far from ethical.

So, where can you find ethical supermarkets?

In most cases your local independent grocery or wholefood shop will be the most ethical place to shop.

There are also online supermarkets offering great ethical products. We've provided a small list below.

If you know more of them, please let us know.




A huge range of gifts and festive foods – from vegan Christmas cake to nut roasts - can be found at the Ethical Superstore


At Ethical Superstore they’ve made it their mission to enable you to make feel good choices when it comes to your shopping.

To help you make the choices you feel are right they bring together products sourced from all over the world and that hold the ethical credentials they know are important to our customers.

That really resonates with us. So we contacted them to partner!

When using the voucher code: [code no longer valid], you receive £5 off when you spend £30 or more.

This voucher is valid until February 28th 2018, so as well as enjoying an ethical Christmas, you can enjoy an ethical start to the New Year.



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