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Honest tea

Do you know what people worldwide are drinking most, after drinking water? You've got it. Tea. 

Tea is grown for thousands of years already, as it was being used as a medicinal crop in China 5000 years ago.

Nowadays, tea is the heart of a massive worldwide multi-billion industry, of which many millions of people are dependent.

So there is a lot of money being earned. By big and influential companies that dominate the tea value chain.

So if these enterprises are dominating, how much money is earned by the employees and small farmers who grow the tea?

Not so much, as it turns out.

Employees and farmers are underpaid notoriously.

They don't earn a fair income. An income big enough to live from with their families.

The large companies and intermediaries have such purchasing power on tea auctions, that they can often influence the demand, and thus price, of particular qualities and types of tea.

And cost pressures are then being paid for by the employees and farmers.

Good initiatives like Fairtrade certification are a step in the right direction. Although certification is an administrative burden for the small farmers as well, eating up a lot of the extra income earned by being Fairtrade.

What is ethical tea?

Below we give a list of tea companies that actually pass the test. The list of setup using research from ethical consumer and our own research


    Below we highlight Valerie and David from Frank About Tea. They are tea lovers. And they saw how this age-old industry works. They felt this should change. So they jumped in!


    FRANK about tea

    Valerie and David started 'Frank about tea'. They only buy premium tea, so intermediaries and tea auctions are cut out of the value chain.

    And they also don't burden their farmers with certification guidelines. They can monitor and oversee it themselves, as their value chain is now very short.

    They frequently travel to their farmers in the highlands of western Uganda.

    The effect: local farmers earn a significantly better income. And that's truly FRANK!

    They also promote the 'loose tea lifestyle'. No industrialised teabags for them. Why?

    1. More taste and flavour. The quality of loose tea leaves is way better than the stuff in teabags.

    2. Loose tea is natural. Unlike blended, mixed tea. Because blending is a process where additives and artificial flavours are being added.

    3. Healthier. There are more antioxidants and vitamins in loose tea.

    So, the 'loose tea lifestyle' is undoubtedly better for you.

    Frank about tea delivers you your tea in a subscription DAYS after being picked from the land.

    Instead of being stored for months in warehouses.

    So, we are a big fan. This is tea you can be proud of.


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