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The need for meat?

We live in a time where sustainability is becoming a bigger issue for a growing group of people.

A great way to make sustainable, fair choices is to explore plant based nutrition.

It is better for us, for the environment and animals as well. 

Sounds idealistic? Perhaps.

But it is good to be aware of the impact of our meat consumption. Did you know:

So, the 30% of Earth landmass used for farming livestock is an area BIGGER than the entire moon!

Roughly 60 billion land animals and over a trillion marine animals are processed for our needs each year. Sometimes with astounding cruelty, not known to consumers at all.

The fact is that we cannot sustain this way of living.

But, becoming aware of this fact is one thing. To get people to (gradually) start eating more plant based food instead of meat, that is a whole other ballgame.

Because that food should also be tasty. A lust for the eyes. Finger licking good. And easy to 'use'.

A few weeks ago we had fun searching for food subscription boxes that were worth mentioning. You can read all about that post HERE.

And now allplants comes in. 


Introducing allplants

Allplants is a nationwide, frozen plant-based meal delivery service founded by brothers JP and Alex.

After switching to a totally plant-based diet in late 2015, the brothers decided to open up a restaurant.

Their restaurant became such a huge success that the diners were taking their favourite dishes home and this sparked the idea of starting All Plants.

Their mission is to make plant based meals easy, affordable and exciting for everyone!

Busy people need great food that heightens their mood and fuels their energy: delicious, nutritious and colourful dishes that are cooked slowly by hand.

Each of their dishes is delivered to your home or work, in 100% recyclable packaging.

Many of their ingredients are organic, but this varies seasonally and by each recipe as their chefs are constantly hunting for new local farmers.

The dishes are designed to be just the right amount for you, so there’s no need to throw anything away.

You’ll be devouring the whole meals at once anyway, because of their great flavour. 

Mainstream media have found them as well and they now serve as one of the frontrunners in the startup industry, igniting a food revolution!

A company you can be proud of!



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