Privacy and cookies


Klooker takes your privacy very seriously and shall process your personal information in a reliable and secure way.

Klooker is always acting within the limits set by the applicable laws of the country she operates in.


1. What is Klooker?

Klooker is a online service van Klooker B.V, Strootsweg 30, Enschede, The Netherlands. Our chamber of commerce number is 62546252.

Step by step Klooker will start to collect more personal information. For example, Klooker wants to offer you products fitting your vegetarian lifestyle, so it is then coming in handy that we know whether you are one. 

We will ask you this kind of information in the nearby future, also we might use the information we get from your behavior on our sites. 


2. Which information is being collected and used?

  • your signup data
  • your social media data (once we start doing that)
  • automatic generated data like ip-addresses, type of browser, cookies etc.


3. What are cookies and how do we use them?

Through your usage of Klooker cookies might be placed on your computer. Cookies are small pieces of (text) information that get send by a server to an application or browser with the intent that that application or browser sends back information in case of a next visit. 

Klooker is not working extensively with cookies yet. And you can always refuse to use them. The only reasons we might use them, is to increase your user experience. 


4. For which services is your information being used? 

For these activities:

  • to enable you to use Klooker 
  • to enable role profiles for members
  • to enable products ads which suit your interest
  • for marketing and promotion of Klooker
  • to secure anonymous statistical data 
  • to secure Klooker

Usage by third parties

Without your explicit consent, Klooker will never offer personal data for direct marketing purposes of third parties.

We might use hashing in the future, this is a technique where data with third parties like Facebook are shared without making you personal data public to that third party.  


5. In which way does Klooker protect your personal information? 

Klooker will take appropriate technical and organizational measures to secure your personal data against theft, loss or unjustified usage in any way. 


6. Looking in, change, improve or deleting your personal data

Yes you can. Just send us an email on


7. Can this privacy statement be changed? 

Yes, it can be changed. Changes are published on the website of Klooker. In case of any questions regarding changes or whatsoever, you can contact us via