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The story of shoes

In the 1950's, on average people wore one pair of shoes every year. Nowadays, we wear 2.6 shoes per person a year

There are currently ±20 billion shoes produced every year, and this is growing more rapidly than the growth of the world population.

When these shoes end up in landfills - and most of them will - a whole range of chemicals are introduced into our ecological systems.

It takes about 50 years for a shoe to decompose. And in some cases, like with sneakers, this can take over 1000 years


Also, a lot of environmental impact is already generated in the production process.

For example, the production of one pair of shoes emits over 30kg of CO2. 

And there is a lot of material not being used when cutting leather and other shoe materials, causing a lot of additional waste. 

By the way, the idea that leather is a waste product of the meat industry is also a myth. Cows are bred dedicated for the shoe industry. 

Step by step consumers become aware of the environmental impact of shoes.

And they realise that something needs to change. 


Which shoes are ok and which aren't

You can find a lot of information on shoes, and we focussed on Rankabrand.

The following premium shoe brands can at best be avoided because they rank terribly low in Rankabrand: 

  • Hush Puppies

  • Vagabond

  • Fab.

  • Saucony

  • Meindl

  • Converse

  • Bristol

  • Avance

  • Crocs

  • Sacha

  • ECCO

  • Ugg

  • Tamaris

The following brands are recommendable, as they are produced using the highest environmental and ethical standards and prevention of animal suffering. 

Vegan shoes:

Next, to vegan shoes, there are also other kinds of ethical shoes who do use (sustainable) leather but don't use all kind of chemicals in the production process.

Ethical shoes:

  • Go Green in Berlin

  • Green Comfort

  • Hanweg

  • Kavat

  • Kitz-Pichler

  • Loints

  • Punto Pigro

  • Snipe

  • Vabeene

  • Waschbär

A few ethical shoe webshops where you can buy a lot of these shoe brands are


In this post we highlight PRETTY&FAIR. Because they are recently founded (in 2016), very ambitious, and they make cool shoes and bags. 


PRETTY&FAIR is a young shoe label that started in 2016 because her founder Alinda felt that the shoe industry focused to much on profit. 

And not on People or Planet. As a vegetarian and animal lover, she decided to step up. 

So she went on a mission, with 15 years of experience in the shoe industry backing her up, to make the most sustainable shoes (and bags) in the industry. 

Every ingredient that goes into their shoes has been carefully selected to be the most sustainable product available.

The shoes are made in Portugal in a small family-owned factory, where people work normal hours for a proper salary.

They only use natural rubbers for the soles, their zippers are made of recycled PET bottles, the insoles and contreforts are biodegradable, and the glue is on water-base.

And what is cool as well: they are PETA approved!

These shoes make you proud!


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