Terms and conditions


These terms and conditions are valid for the service that Klooker is offering you. By using the Klooker service, you agree with these terms and conditions. Because our services can change quickly, these terms and conditions might also change quickly. The most recent version is the valid one.

The Service

With our service, you can discover honest and sustainable products, read background information and get attractive introduction discounts. We have the right to change media content as we see fit. In addition, we can terminate your membership when you are not compliant with these terms and conditions or applicable law.


You can use our service by signing up here. This is a personal membership. In case of suspicion that your membership is being jeopardized, please contact us via support@klooker.co.uk


You can always cancel your membership. Send an email to cancel@klooker.co.uk and we stop your subscription immediately. 


Your subscription is renewed automatically, unless cancelled. You you can cancel at any time as stated under ‘Cancellation’. 


We treat personal data with the utmost confidentiality. In our privacy statement you can read more in detail how we are doing that. In case you still have questions, please contact us on support@klooker.co.uk.



You are using the Klooker service at your own risk. Klooker is not liable for damage that might arise as a consequence for using the Klooker service. 


Intellectual property rights

The content of our service is protected by intellectual property rights. You are not permitted to distribute our content to the public domain, to copy it, or to exploit it in any other way. The Klooker service is purely personal and for non-commercial use in your own environment. 


Customer complaints

If you have a complaint, please send it to support@klooker.co.uk or call us on +44 7520 636997. We'll handle it swiftly.