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The importance of bees

If you look at the plate of food on your dinner table, bees have played their part either pollinating the many vegetables and fruits we eat directly, or pollinating the food for the animals that we then consume.

Some 84% of the crops grown for human consumption – around 400 different types of plants – need bees and other insects to pollinate them to increase their yields and quality.

These include most fruits and vegetables, many nuts, and plants such as rapeseed and sunflowers that are turned into oil, as well as cocoa beans, coffee and tea.

And that’s not all bees do for us - honey and wax are two other important products that come courtesy of bees.

As well as countless other products like cosmetics.

An overview of the role of bees in the UK is given below.

But honey bees are disappearing globally at an alarming rate due to pesticides, parasites, disease and habitat loss.

If these little insects that help provide so much of the food we eat were to vanish, what would we do without them?

We would be in deep trouble.

That's why we need to save and protect the bees we have.

And that's where Tree Bee comes in! 


Tree Bee

The Tree Bee Society of Great Britain (Tree Bee) is an award winning not for profit Community Interest Company (CiC) based in Burscough West Lancashire.

They provide a specialist bee removal service for bumble and honeybees that have come into conflict with mankind by moving into commercial and domestic properties.

They have developed specialist ways of removing the bees without harm. Prior to Tree Bee offering this service the bees were often destroyed!

Once removed the colony is relocated to one of their apiaries in Lancashire where they continue to thrive! 

They then use the excess honey and beeswax to make the beeswax and cosmetic products you can buy on their website.

To help fund their environmental conservation work by saving more bees.

All of their hives are completely chemical free as are the cosmetic products available for sale.

100% of the money raised from the sale of their products goes to supporting their work and saving bees.

We think the work Tree Bee is doing is of crucial importance. 

And their products are fantastic. Products you can be proud of!


The Tree Bee discount

Tree Bee and Klooker look at the world in exactly the same way. That is why Tree Bee gives Klooker members a discount of 20% on their honey, soap, shampoo and other cosmetics, when the coupon code [code no longer valid] is used at their checkout. 

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