January 2018. 

The New Year is the start of new beginnings, new resolutions and new challenges. A common theme this year gaining more traction is 'Veganuary' - transitioning to a meat-free, dairy-free diet for the month of January. 

People switch to vegan diets for many reasons; whether it be for health, animal welfare, the environmentor a combination of the three.

With climate change also a hot topic, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation explains the negative impacts of livestock in terms of land degradation, atmospheric emissions and climate change, water and biodiversity

Planning meals with no animal products can be difficult enough, but once you start finding great substitutes and become accustomed to packing in flavour other ways, it becomes easier and somewhat more fun!

However, a key challenge when transitioning into a vegan diet is the amount of snacks that from childhood have been the go to products when peckish, suddenly becoming off limits. 

You may endeavour on fruitless missions of looking for a vegan friendly symbol or scanning through the ingredients list on packaging in the local shop on a lunch break getting “hangrier” by the minute.

Whilst supermarkets are starting to stock their shelves with more vegan goodies, they are more than likely not doing this because they have suddenly found their long lost moral compasses, but more the fact that there is money to be made and this is reflected in their extortionate pricing.

As the options are still so limited there is no need for a competitive edge just yet to bring these prices down.

This, however, means they are not yet competitively priced against smaller businesses that actually do have good ethics as the foundation of their products.

By using a smaller and local business you are supporting people that are working hard, with ethics and values in mind. We have highlighted some fab companies below, offering yummy vegan treats at special discounted rates - and we'd love to hear your favourites!


"Vegan Tuck Box was formed by two passionate and long term vegans, Chrissy Leyland and Kelly Slade, to help their fellow vegans overcome the challenges of achieving a more ethical and compassionate lifestyle without having to give up tasty and fulfilling treats"

Their ethical business credentials include:

  • 100% vegan
  • supporting vegan outreach and animal sanctuaries with your help. 10p from every subscription box sold is donated to these causes each month
  • packaging kept to a minimum and made from recycled or reused materials
  • postcards are printed on FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) paper and printed with vegetable inks
  • supporting vegan businesses, helping them to launch their products and reach new markets
  • offices are powered by solar panels
Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 14.32.27.png

Use discount code "klookerbox" for £1 off a vegan letterbox

subscription box


Flo's kitchen

Flo’s Kitchen is a family-run vegan bakery based in Northampton and owned by Ben and Jess. Their goal as a business is to produce quality, vegan-friendly baked goods at affordable prices.

Flo's Kitchen offers a range of sweet and savoury goodies, as well as snack boxes which can include brownies, sausage-less rolls, pork-ish pies and a variety of other small snacky bits!

flos snack box.jpg

Use discount code [code no longer valid] for 10% off snack boxes until the end of February 2018!


Ethical Superstore offers a range of vegan treats from cheeses and chocolates to wine and waffles. 

Don't forget! Your Ethical Superstore voucher code [code no longer valid] is still valid for £5 off when you spend £30 or more!


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