'Klooker enables you to use products you can be proud of'


How about fashion brands?

People love fashion. It's a huge industry.

The question is, however, whether you still love your fashion brands when you know to what extent they are produced in a sustainable and socially responsible way.

That's what we're exploring today. Because we received a lot of questions on this topic.

So, this post is not about highlighting a product and getting a discount on it.

This post shows you in one overview which fashion brands and fashion stores are up to standard and which are not.

And you're not going to like what you see... 

For this post, we worked with the information from Rank a Brand.

Rank a Brand is an independent and reliable brand-comparison website that assesses and ranks consumer brands in several sectors on sustainability and social responsibility. Our rankings and assessments are fully transparent.

They work primarily with volunteers, and they focus on the UK, The Netherlands and Germany. 

For every product category, they constructed a list of criteria based on international norms. Their research uses all the information they get from brands and all the (public) information they can find concerning these brands. 

They researched quite a lot of brands already.

See here the ranking mechanism Rank a Brand uses.

Every ranking is reevaluated every two years.

And for every retailer, you can find a more detailed explanation of a ranking, see for example this ranking of Hugo Boss on the bottom of the page on Rank a Brand. 

An overview of premium fashion brands

So here we go. How are premium fashion brands ranked by Rank a Brand?

What immediately becomes visible is that the best score is yellow, meaning a 35-55% compliance with the international norms and benchmarks you might expect sustainable and socially responsible companies to follow.

So, on this 5 point scale (E is the lowest and A the highest), one premium brand scores a C, the rest all scores predominantly a E.

So, only one conclusion can be drawn here. Social responsibility and sustainability is not a prime concern for premium fashion brands.

So what about fashion stores?


An overview of fashion stores

So how do fashion stores rank on sustainability and social responsibility?

Again, it is astonishing.  No on scores above a C. And the rankings D and E's dominate the overview.

Conclusion: fashion stores at best are not transparent on sustainability and social responsibility.

But most probably they don't care.

Although some say they do, the information shows otherwise.

Sustainable and socially responsible fashion brands

So, what are the fashion brands you can be proud of currently? Who produces in a sustainable and socially responsible way?

We focused only on brands with A and B scores.

See below.

So actually there are fashion brands that make a difference. But mostly they are small and still seeking a larger public.

That is where Klooker comes in. 

In the coming period, we will highlight some of these fashion brands and give them the podium they deserve. 

Not because we are getting paid by them. We are getting paid by you. 

We give them the podium because they make fashion you can be proud of!