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What's between your legs? 

In 1931 the American Earle Cleveland Haas invented the tampon. But this story started earlier. Take a look. 


Nowadays tampons are being used by over 100 million women. It's a ±$30 billion industry.

The average women uses about ±11.000 tampons during her entire life, using them for about ±100.000 hours.

In one of the most sensitive, absorbing parts of the female body.

Then normally, you would expect to easily find what materials are used in a tampon. But this isn't the case. You can't find this information anywhere. Take a look for yourself.

There simply are no rules or legal requirements.

Most tampons contain plastics and perfumes.

A minority of tampons is made of cotton. Mostly 'regular cotton'. Which is heavily treated with insecticides and pesticides.

Which are still detectable.

All these synthetic materials ad substances can cause severe irritations. 

In addition, when these menstrual products are thrown away, they end up on landfills. This means that every women throws away ±15kg of menstrual products during her lifetime.

These products require hundreds of years to biodegrade.

Particularly if wrapped in the plastic bag commonly provided for this purpose as part of their packaging. 

So, what to do about?

Well, you could try Yoni.

Their statement: 'chemicals are not for pussies.'





In 2011 a specialist adviced one of the Yoni founders to use organic tampons, pads or panty liners. That opened her eyes.  

She and a good friend went further to investigate what was in their menstrual products. And they were shocked.

They found out their products were NOT ok. And there are also no specific rules or legal requirements when it comes to listing ingredients on feminine care packaging.

This inspired them to make their own products. 

Made exclusively of organic cotton and harmless bio-plastic. 

No perfume.

No secrets.

What's in the box is on the box.

The cotton is GOTS certified and everything complies with SOIL Association standards.

So you know the materials used and the production process is OK!


A product to be proud of!


The discount

Yoni and Klooker share the same mission. That is why they give Klooker members a discount of 20%, when the coupon code [code no longer valid] is used at their checkout. 

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